CNC Boring Mill Machinist

Cambridge, ON

Our company located in Milton, Ontario has 30+ years of expertise and we ensure our designs always meet customer needs.

On receipt of an order we develop CNC programs in-house to machine the part.

Our engineers use SolidEdge software, as well as the most current CAD / CAM software to ensure file transfer compatibility to and from our customers.

This in-house design capability correlates to greater accountability throughout our manufacturing services. By offering a complete process, from design to prototype to production,

Horizontal Boring Mill Machinist must be experienced with: 

  • CNC controls for program start/jump to position
  • Able to maintain tool cutting condition 
  • Changing inserts
  • Replacing damaged tools
  • Working with offsets. 
  • Setup
  • Program editing
  • Tool selection
  • Tool parameter setting
  • Measuring instruments.
  • Professional individual capable of taking care of the machine, the job, the position within a professional environment



  • Minimum 3 to 5 years of current Boring Mill machining experience.

  • Demonstrated ability to utilize measuring equipment in support of quality requirements and read and interpret blueprints.

  • Demonstrated ability to operate and use an overhead crane in a safe manner. Up to 20 Ton over head crane

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills (English)

  • Machine travel of up to 5 meter with rotary B-Axis, Toshiba and Tos Varnsdorf boring mills.


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  • Top Pay based on experience
  • Great company atmosphere


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Romac Inc.

Romac Inc.


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